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Anointed AK Beard Company Product Review {Beard Oil and More} Special Collection for a Special Cause

This is a very special collection that has a personal meaning to me. In February 2018, I lost my brother, Shawn, to drug addiction. The owners of Anointed AK Beard Company lost his brother, Robert, to suicide in October of 2018. Anointed AK created a product collection to match the scent of Robert’s favorite Kenneth Cole Cologne, and asked me to review the products on my channel. I am honored and humbled to review these products, and I absolutely love them. What is even more awesome is that 50% of the proceeds of the sales of this Valknut Collection will be donated to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. Here is their website and phone number: 1-800-273-8255

On this video I reviewed:
1. 1oz Valknut Black Beard Oil
2. 1oz Valknut The Bobby Beard Oil
3. 2oz Valknut Black Beard Balm
4. 2oz Valknut The Bobby Liquibalm
5. 1oz Valknut Black Body Spray
*** Some products may be out of stock, but will be back in stock no later than January 23rd***

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