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Camp,Travel,Spa,Golf,Beach LightloadTowels Product Review

The world renowned Lightload Towels are the only towels that are survival tools. Use them as a towel, wash cloth fire starter, first aid supplement, diaper, insulator, static electricity insulator, mask and more. Each piece packs down so small that you can put five in a shirt pocket. They’re great for storing in tight spaces like suitcases and small pouches.
The 30 x60cm(12x24inches) weigh a mere 15grams(4 equal weight of one bandana) so you’ll find them helpful where weight is a concern like in travel or backpacking.
Waterproof packaging covers each piece. Because of this you’ll always have a clean dry cloth for good hygiene, personal care and first aid.
The material is 100 percent viscose and made from cellulose(not oil, like microfiber) acts as a sponge and absorbs up to nine times it’s weight in water. They are also very energy efficient needing little energy to carry, wash and dispose of. Add water to the towel or start wiping water off of you to soften and open easier. They’re very comfortable against the skin and are also great for indoor gyms and spas. In caring for the Lightloads hand washing is best. You can reuse them. They last until they don’t.
This three pack is a great gift and is easily mailed. Colors of the towels are assorted.
You golfers can freeze to make a cold towel.
Being great as a game piece too on rainy days, you can use as a checkerboard piece or puck. Boy Scouts and kid campers love this feature.
Lightload Towels have been written about in many magazines including Climbing Magazine, Bike Magazine and Sailing Magazine and highly regarded by many writers at the British Guild of Travel Writers(BGTW).

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