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High-Tech Lyfe Entertaining Insightful Product Reviews Coming Soon

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This short montage promo video displays some of the exciting coming soon high tech reviews on our newly launched website and youtube channel. Our focus will be on mind body spirit connection living in a high-tech world. From concrete jungles to climbing mountains, our reviews may help you in your decision making process to buy or not to buy but at the very least bring a smile to your face.

Not your typical product review channel, we try to bring an organic funny approach to taking a look deeper into tech products from fitness, kitchen, travel, sports, toys, furniture, and accessories. For certain products we tend to do creative skits… Coming soon, hope you enjoy!

Coming Soon Travel Sporting Gear Tech:
Ninja Suits

Coming Soon Biohacking Products Review Tech


The Amethyst Richway BioMat…

Coming Soon Camera SmartPhone Tech

Coming Soon Fitness Product Review Tech
Gorilla Bow Accessories

Special thanks to Jameson, Hallie, Sasha Guru and the High-Tech Lyfe Team shown below.
Creator High-Tech Wizard / Producer / Videographer: Bryan Gazaui
Videographer / Editor Support: David Seger
Props to the fitness champ:
Music by: Andre Jetson – “Andre Jetson – Juntitos”

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