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List of Trims and Accessories

Difference Between Trims and Accessories.

In garments manufacturing, fabrics is not the only material to make a garments. Several equipment’s are used here for both decorative and functional purposes. Where some are called trimmings and others are called accessories. But there’s so many who don’t know actually what is the difference between trimmings and accessories. As its importance, now I will present a table, by which you can easily differentiate between trimmings and accessories.

List of Trims and Accessories.

1. Labels
2. Buttons
3. Zippers
4. Padding
5. Interlining
6. Down
7. Elastic
8. Thread
9. Twill Tape
10. Stopper
11. String/Draw Cord
12. Piping Cord
13. Emblem
14. Logo Print
15. Swivel Hook
16. Eyelet/ Grommet
17. Collar Stay
18. Cord Bell
19. Buckle
20. Rivet
21. Weaving Belt
22. Hook and Eye
23. Velcro Tape
24. Seam Sealing tape
25. Shoulder pad
26. Cable( steel ware)
27. Adjuster
28. Recco
29. Elastic Threads
30. Shoulder Tape

1. Polybag
2. Elastic bag
3. Mini Polybag
4. Master Carton
5. Inner Carton
6. Size Clip
7. P.P.Band
8. Tag Pin
9. Brass Pin
10. Collar Stand
11. Safety Pin
12. Gum Tape
13. Arrow Sticker
14. Scotch Tape
15. Barcode
16. Defect Indicator
17. Tissue Paper
18. Back Board
19. Neck Board
20. Butterfly
21. Numbering Stickers
22. Hanger
23. Size Stickers
24. Carton Pad
25. Both Side Tape
26. Plastic Staple
27. Iron Seal
28. Clip
29. Ball chain
30. Size Tag
31. Carton Sticker
32. Safety Sticker
33. Plastic Clip

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Difference between Trims and Accessories.

List of Trims and Accessories

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List Of Trims And Accessories
List Of Trims And Accessories
List Of Trims And Accessories
List Of Trims And Accessories

List Of Trims And Accessories

List Of Trims And Accessories

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