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Review Apples of Gold : 40 Percent off Traditional Retail Jewelry Prices

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Apples of Gold Jewelry believes that God comes first and their neighbors come next. They are committed to high moral standards, unquestionable ethics and the fair treatment of all their customers and employees. In all they do, they strive to provide their customers quality jewelry, fair pricing, and human-to-human customer service.
Since they opened their virtual doors in 1999, they’ve held the conviction that the prices most conventional jewelers charge are exorbitant, reflecting a higher markup than is often necessary. They set out to be different: they’re committed to value-based pricing and employ a modest markup, providing their customers with an average savings of 40 percent off traditional retail jewelry prices.
They showcase a wide selection of wedding bands and engagement rings, diamond rings, gemstone jewelry, gold jewelry, platinum, and silver jewelry. But they don’t stop with the staples—we search out pieces that are hard to find, one of a kind and extraordinary. Their unique collection includes vintage-style jewelry, colored diamond rings and personalized jewelry. They sell well over 6,000 unique jewelry designs and new items are often added every month; no matter whether you are in the market for white gold jewelry, platinum, silver or titanium, or looking to add to your gemstone or diamond rings collection, you can be confident that you’re getting only the best.
Apples of Gold Jewelry is proud of the fact that their wedding rings are made right here in the U.S., along with the majority of their engagement, gemstone rings, and gold crosses. All Apples of Gold jewelry suppliers are 100% U.S. Based ! That, coupled with their commitment to Christian values, their quality jewelry, and their personable customer service is what makes ApplesofGold truly unique !
31255 Cedar Valley Drive #200
Westlake Village, CA 91362
Manager: Afshin Yaghtin
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