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Bang Energy Starbucks and Amp Dew Drink  Review

Bang Energy Starbucks and Amp Dew Drink Review

Video review the new Bang coffee drinks, along with Starbucks and Amp GameFuel Dew drinks. Let us know your fav and what you would like us to try out next. If you would like to be featured in our next drink review video let us know. Our Patreon page: If you really want to push me on my voice over. Check out our other awesome videos: Shoplifting videos:
Mains Switch RF Solution Product Review

Mains Switch RF Solution Product Review

Video Is Wayne... Reviewing the Mains Switch RF Solution. Very impressive solution, this is the first time I have installed this and i found it super easy to install and set up. I will defiantly be having a couple of these on the van for when needed. Buy today from or other leading merchants. Mains Switch RF is a new solution for connecting devices where live cabling is inconvenient or impossible. It’s a hassle-free alternative to running cables for the heating industry and other niches where radio frequency product solves cabling issues. Commonly used for pump overrun in boiler installations, Mains Switch can also be used as a solution for other internal switched live and cable replacement issues.