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11 Strange-But-True Health Tips That Are All Backed by Science

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Health Tip 1. Chew 30+ times before swallowing your food

When you chew, your body releases digestive enzymes helping to break down your food for better absorption.

And the truth is, most people greatly under-chew their food.

Proven benefits we see in scientific research are:

• Feeling fuller from meals
• Absorbing more nutrients
• Better digestion and gut health
• Improved teeth health

Health Tip 2. If possible, get a better poop angle

Most modern-day toilets fail to simulate how our bodies we designed to remove excrement.

We normally sit at a 90-degree angle on the toilet while we were more designed for a 35-degree angle or lower.

A poor anorectal angle, heh, kinks up your sphincter sort of like a garden hose as our bodies were designed to poop in the plains and not the burbs.

So, if you do have poop problems or just want a better poop, def consider getting a stool like the squatty potty to fix this.

Health Tip 3. The Inflammation Cure

If you suffer from any inflammation related problems:

Skin issues
Periodontal disease
Autoimmune diseases

You’ll know there are lots of hype and internet lists around specific foods / diets that fight inflammation.

However, there’s one “trick” that works better no matter what you’re eating…

Calorie restriction.

We see in multiple studies that basic calorie control greatly reduces all markers of inflammation in the body.

It’s not sexy, but the solution for most of you suffering from these diseases is going to be restricting calories and probably not in eating some rare berry or doing some strange diet.

Health Tip 4. Work out in the morning for better sleep

A recent study done by Appalachian State University had participants exercise at 7am, 1pm, or 7pm 3 days per week.

They found that those working out at 7am had consistently better sleep and blood pressure.

So try working out in the am if you struggle getting in those precious zzzzz’s.

Health Tip 5. Veggies Make You Sexier

The University of St. Andrews found that when consuming yellow-red pigments found in veggies, subjects became more attractive to the opposite sex.

When placed in side by side comparisons, people were rated Universally more attractive the more (cah-roh-ten-oids) they ate and were even more attractive than those with fake tans….






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