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Month: December 2012

Review BodyRock Sport : Fashionable Sport

  Designed for women who love being women, and whose love for high fashion is equally strong. The garments have a bevy of amazing features, including inner structure for optimal support, waterproof pockets, iPod pockets, side and front zippers for easy removal, tag-less labels, Swarovski crystals and studs. BodyRock strives to empower women through their designs to love the skin they're in. BodyRock Sport is simply the vehicle through which she spreads positivity and empowerment. Each garment is incredibly versatile and comfortable as well, all suiting different personalities and catering to the modern active woman. Each piece in the BodyRock Sport collection is inspired by and named after either a real or mystical women whose confidence, energy, passion, style, and spirituality. Ever...