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Month: June 2015

Review 1 Voice NYC : Beanies and Headbands With Bluetooth Headphones Built In

Hello Online Shoppers Let's Us inform you about 1 Voice NYC Onlin Store...Lets Check It Out and Give us your opinion about this store...Thank You Very Much For Visiting Our website... **** 1 Voice is a fitness-inspired wearable technology brand. They create beanies and headbands that have built-in Bluetooth headphones. The 1 Voice Beanie is a warm, comfortable beanie with headphones sewn in right over your ears. There is also a Bluetooth controller attached to the back of your hat that allows you to connect wirelessly to your phone or audio device.Creating a Bluetooth connection to the 1 Voice Beanie is super easy. All you need to do is hold down the center button on the Bluetooth controller for 3 seconds. The led lights will start blinking red and blue which indicate that it is searchi...