FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Biore Charcoal Line | Product Review

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Biore Charcoal Line | Product Review

Hello everyone!
First, I just want to say… I have been working on my editing and have settled on this new look. I want my title pages to be bright white… that makes me feel happy! Now, on to the video description… I have slowly accumulated some of the Biore “Deep Clean/Charcoal” line with my growing love for each product. In this video I use and talk about each of the four that are currently sold in stores (I purchased mine in Target). Incase you are wondering, Biore has added additional items to this line (however it is not after-care). I hope this video helps you all see how each product is intended to be used as well as the effects, likes/dislikes I have for them!

*Hi! It’s me writing from June 2017. How embarrassing to watch old videos of yourself… this however is my most viewed video, so if it brought you to me… HELLO! Check out some of my newer videos… that maybe aren’t as embarrassing and strike up a conversation! I like to chat with ya’ll!

Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub
Biore Self-Heating 1 Minute Charcoal Face Mask
Biore Charcoal Nose Strips
Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

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