Etsy Shop-Unique Clockwork Victorian Steampunk Fashion Accessories

Etsy Shop-Unique Clockwork Victorian Steampunk Fashion Accessories

Handmade Art that you can where! Take a step back in time with Clockwork Raven and the Dove!

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About Me:
I have always loved the arts. Creating things whether it is painting, drawing, writing a song/poem/story and jewelry has and always will be a part of me.I have always loved to put my own spin on things and always like to think outside of the box. I am the kind of person who can not accept that a squ are peg doesn’t fit in a round hole. I will find a way.

Each piece of jewelry I create are one of a kind. Some of my designs are all metal and others are a mixture of metal and polymore clay. When wearing my designs, you are wearing a piece of art that tells a story.

The Clockwork Raven and The Dove actually started as a forbidden love story I was writing for fun and still working on. I have always had a love for the beauty of both Ravens and Doves. They look like the perfect balance in nature. So incorporating my passion for them with my passion for the Steampunk/Victorian and Bohemian styles, just made sense to me. There is such a freedom from a creation stand point when designing this kind of jewelry. To me it is a work of art. Where with paintings they are displayed in a building or home, with my jewelry, this art can be displayed on you and help compliment the beauty of the wearer.

I hope that you will experience a piece of my imagination in one of my unique designs.

Many blessings!

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