June 14, 2024

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Online Shop and Product Review

25 Days Wearing Outlier Slim Dungarees | TRAVEL PRODUCT REVIEW

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When I get into something, I tend to obsess pretty hard, so when I set out to find the best men’s pants for #onebag packing I really went all in. I was done with jeans, disappointed in the performance of other “tech” pants that I’d tried, and I wanted something that I could wear for weeks on end without thinking about what I was going to do that day. I wanted a pair of pants that I could wear in an office or hiking, something that would be comfortable to live in while traveling or just hanging out at home.

After spending several weeks testing these, I can say they’re the best (at least for me) do-it-all pants on the market.

But I was also disappointed in other people’s reviews of these pants. I felt like most reviewers didn’t wear them hard, the way I planned to. So I made this video to show you guys that you don’t have to baby these pants just because they’re expensive. While I didn’t abuse them, I wore them (and, at the end, washed them) the way I would if I were on an extended trip.

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Outlier Slim Dungarees can be purchased through their website: https://shop.outlier.nyc/shop/retail/slim-dungarees.html. Note that in this video I’m wearing the Bluetint Gray color, but I also have a pair of charcoal. If Outlier is out of stock in your size/preferred color just be patient—they restock fairly frequently. And, just to be clear, this post isn’t sponsored in any way. I spent my own money on these pants (and swallowed hard at the price tag when I added them to my shopping cart) and I’m recommending them to you the same way I’ve recommended them to my friends in real life. (Davis, I hope you’re enjoying your pair.)


To help you make your decision, here’s a list of other options I tried that didn’t work out:

Outlier Strong Dungarees – I almost went with these but thought they would be too heavy in hot environments (tropical, desert). Plus they don’t feel quite as comfortable or fit as well as the Slim Dungarees. Worth a try if you don’t like the Slims though.

Western Rise AT Slim – way too tight on my #thiccthighs. Might work for dudes that don’t lift.

Western Rise Evolution – comfortable, but super thin, I would only wear them in tropical environments. I also feel like the fabric would tear easily.

Lululemon ABC – look nice, but hold onto odor really terribly. Can’t recommended them for extended travel because you can’t get more than a day wearing them without a wash.

Prana Brion – they wear out fast, and don’t fit nearly as well as the Outliers. I still have a couple pairs of them, but I’ll only wear them for hiking trips. Wouldn’t travel in them, they simply aren’t versatile enough for me. Probably the best budget option though.

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