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ADCO Tire Covers | Product Review | Protects your RV Tyres

ADCO TIRE COVERS | Product Review | Protects your RV Tires

This week, Marc from RV Love shares this review on Adco Tire cover wheel guards – vinyl covers designed to protect your RV tires against the elements like UV and rain. RV tires are expensive and tend to “age out” rather than wear out, as RVs don’t get driven many miles each year like a regular vehicle does. It’s important to prolong the life of your tires with RV tire covers, especially if your RV spends a lot of time outside or in outdoor storage or if your tires are expensive (as ours are). We see it as a small price to pay for protecting a costly and important investment, being our RV tires. Our safety is riding on them so we are diligent about tire care and maintenance.

Adco Ultra Tyre GuardsTire Covers (Black):
Adco Tire Covers (Beige):
Adco Double Axle Covers (White):

– Protect your vehicle’s tires, especially when being stored outdoors
– Heavy duty flannel backed vinyl repels liquid and saves tires from the sun’s damaging UV rays and other environmental hazards
– Helps prevent premature cracking of sidewalls that can lead to on-road blowouts
– Bungee ball fastening system eliminates loss to wind
– Sizes range depending on tire size – from 27” to 42” plus Oversize
– Set of 2 (available in black, white, beige etc)

What we like about them:
This is our second set of Adco Tyre Covers – we had a beige set for our Tiffin motorhome and now we have a black set for our Country Coach motorhome, that are larger in size. They’ve always done the job and helped protect our RV tires from harmful UV rays. We also found an added benefit in that being covered, it helps keep the RV tire temperature – and therefore tire pressure – more consistent, when we are checking tire pressure in readiness for our drive day. We don’t usually use the bungee ball fastening system as they seem to stay on fairly well with the snug fit, even when windy. Occasionally we find one has blown off but it’s always nearby. Adco has a good reputation and there aren’t a lot of other choices out there, but these do the job well enough. Worth the investment. Tire safety is extremely important and not worth taking the risk on to save a few bucks.

Adco Tire Covers (Beige):
Adco Tire Covers (Black):
Adco Double Axle Covers (White):

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