December 5, 2023

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Apple’s Macintosh Classic – Retro Computer Hardware Overview and Review

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Macintosh Librarian Episode 1. Maccy and Ms. Fox go over the Macintosh Classic – Apple’s first low cost Macintosh aimed at under $1000.

Thanks for watching the first episode of my Macintosh Librarian Video project!
I hope this video brings a smile to your face. It was definitely a fun experience.
More videos to come!

Capacitor Replacement information:
The Macintosh Classic has 8 surface mount capacitors on the logic board.

7 – 47µf – 16V – SMT (478-1718-1-ND‎ on digikey)
1 – 1µf – 50V – SMT (‎399-9720-1-ND‎ on digikey)

CRT Discharging:


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