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Automotive Fuse Comparison with a Milli-Ohm Meter

If you thought all automotive fuses were of the same quality, think again! This episode compares four fuse brands using a milli-ohm meter, the results are unbelievable!

Video Timeline:
Video introduction at 0:11
The fuses to be compared at 1:20
eBay fuse purchase at 1:34
Harbor Freight Fuse Recall of 2009 at 2:20
GM Service Alert Bulletin for fuses of 2007 at 2:38
Advance Auto Parts at 4:36
O’Reiley Auto Parts at 4:40
AutoZone Auto Parts at 4:44
Walmart Auto Parts at 4:46
Dollar Store at 4:49
Littelfuse Fuses at 5:30
Bussman Fuses at 6:26
Old 2007 Harbor Freight Fuses at 7:26
Fuse Data Sheets with milli-ohm resistance at 7:42
SAE J2077 Miniature Blade Type Electrical Fuse Standard at 9:26
5A micro-fuse resistance measurements at 12:12
10A micro-fuse resistance measurements at 13:34
15A micro-fuse resistance measurements at 14:12
20A micro-fuse resistance measurements at 14:44
25A micro-fuse resistance measurements at 15:21
30A micro-fuse resistance measurements at 15:59
Specifications and Comparison Data at 16:25
Temperature Performance Comparison at 19:18
eBay purchase fuse temperature performance check at 20:00
Littelfuse fuse temperature performance check at 26:34
Video review at 30:48

Weber State University (WSU) – Department of Automotive Technology – Ardell Brown Technology Wing – Transmission Lab.

This episode covers how to use the incredible Hioki RM3548 Resistance Meter for Fuse comparisons and diagnostics This information applies to almost any other hybrid or electric vehicle on the road today.

This video helps cover content related to the 2017 National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) Master Automobile Service Technology (MAST) Standard task 6.A.2 “Demonstrate knowledge of electrical/electronic series, parallel, and series-parallel circuits using principles of electricity (Ohm’s Law).”and 6.A.3 “Demonstrate proper use of a digital multimeter (DMM) when measuring source voltage, voltage drop (including grounds), current flow and resistance.”

W.S.U is a leader in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle education. This topic is taught as part of our 4-year bachelor’s degree program. For information joining the Weber Automotive program, visit:

This video was created and edited by Professor John D. Kelly at WSU. For a full biography, see Donate to the Department of Automotive Technology at Weber state University here:

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