December 2, 2023

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Bang Rainbow Unicorn – Exotic Beverage Review

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Welcome to the pilot episode of Exotic Beverage Reviews, wherein I decide whether it’s worthwhile reviewing energy drinks on YouTube.

In this adventure, I explain myself in tedious detail, review Bang Rainbow Unicorn by Redline Energy Products and we dig a little bit into caffeine as an ingredient in energy drinks and sodas.

0:00 Introduction
0:44 Why Energy Drinks are Interesting
1:38 The Review
1:48 Review – Name
1:13 Review – Claims
2:31 Review – Branding
3:00 Review – Ingredients
5:25 Review – Smell
5:48 Review – Appearance
6:29 Review – Taste
7:40 Review – Verdict
8:07 Ingredient Investigation – Caffeine
9:39 Acknowledgments

Music & fluid sim graphics by fraxyl –

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