June 14, 2024

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Chef Reviews CRAZY Kitchen Gadgets

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Who’s ready for more KITCHEN GADGETS?! Our chef Ben is testing some crazy kitchen gadgets!!

Check out the gadgets we reviewed-
Fruit and Veg Savers: https://bit.ly/3I6EVjr
Mini Bag Sealer: https://amzn.to/44P6bwF
Smart Bacon Express: https://bit.ly/3VUzUQF
Pepper Mill and Spice Grinder: https://bit.ly/42SO8nt

Want to cook the ‘Cheats Tamago and Bacon Donburi’ featured in the video, search for the recipe in Sidekick. https://bit.ly/41nTVjJ

Time to CANCEL your boring dinners!

It’s easier than you think to cook up banging recipes… Click here to try Sidekick FREE for 30 days: https://bit.ly/41nTVjJ

The awesome benefits of the Sidekick app:
– Unlock your kitchen confidence to discover awesome new ingredients and dishes
– Reduce the stress of deciding what to cook EVERY day
– Grocery shopping made simple, with an automatically-generated list
– Cook more sustainably & reduce your food waste

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