June 14, 2024

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Computerific Chaos! Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 2023

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Checking out VCFMW 18 near Chicago in Elmhurst, Illinois! Somehow it’s even bigger and busier than ever. It’s a full weekend of classic computers, retro tech, hardware and software sales, panels, gaming, and great conversation with awesome folks. Let’s go conventioning!

● Watch the vlog side of this trip here:

● Check out Luke’s channel and his video about the trip here:

● Video of the YouTuber panel and Q&A:

● Thanks to Steve of Mac84 for additional b-roll:

● LGR links:


● All background music licensed from:

00:00 A trip across two videos
01:27 Pre-show prep work
04:24 Creating LGRware disks
07:23 The Chicago trip
08:49 Checking in, setting up
11:06 The show has begun!
16:10 YouTuber panel, Pyramid PC auction
17:14 Thoughts on the show itself
19:53 A few items of note
21:16 VCFMW is madness+joy

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