December 2, 2023

Online Shop Review

Online Shop and Product Review

Creating a Digital Health Product in 2020

1 min read

Today’s world of digital health goes far beyond building an app and bringing it to market.

In this short clip, Dr. Nehal shares with us some of the intricacies of launching in the new era of healthcare.

Full Episode Premieres Wednesday 8/5/2020

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We are on a journey at HALOS Systems to help healthcare organizations optimize their population management. We’ve spent the last 17 years building and perfecting our population health intelligence platform, using it at our own Medicare Advantage Plans, MSO’s/IPA’s and ACO’s. The final product, AURA, is a unique combination of healthcare analytics, artificial intelligence, and actionable insights, which have been proven to drive better clinical outcomes, improve care management, lower cost of care, and increase revenue.
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