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DIY Tassel Earrings | DIY Trendy Jewelry | DIY Fashion Jewelry

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I have shared many crafts here on my channel and all of them were related to home decor and gardening but today I’m sharing a DIY related to fashion and you are gonna love it. So today I have a tutorial for you on DIY tassel earrings. Be it fashion or home decor, tassels are very much in trend and add some boho vibes without fail. It’s super easy to make them and once you know how to make tassel you can make lots of stuff like tassel necklace, tassel bracelet, tassel earrings and you can add tassels on throws, pillows, cushions, drapes, dupattas, dresses and even on footwears too.
In above video, I have shown Hoop tassel earrings, interwoven tassel earrings and fringe tassel earrings.
Here are some tips to make your work easier. You can take any thread like embroidery thread, silk thread or wool to make tassels. While wrapping thread around cardboard don’t wrap it too tight or too loose just keep it uniform. While making knots try to hide them inside tassel head. After making knot leave few inches of thread (usually the length of the tassel) and then cut it. Otherwise, there are chances that knot will open later. If the threads in tassel are too wavy then either hang the tassel above steam for a few seconds or just use a hair straightener to iron it. If tassels become dirty wash them gently with a mild soap and straighten them as mentioned above.
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