February 24, 2024

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Four Year Full Review: Swift Kon-Tiki Sport 574 Motorhome

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We’re looking at how we got on with our Swift Kon-Tiki Sport 574, over four years, the ownership costs, what we liked, didn’t like and what went wrong.

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00:00 Introduction
00:26 Habitation, Vehicle Service and MOT
04:03 Motorhome costs for the year
05:32 Insurance and tracker costs
06:24 Vehicle servicing costs
07:51 Link to tyres video
09:28 Motorhome costs over 4 years
15:29 Shop
17:48 Likes
28:14 Dislikes
32:54 What went wrong
40:14 Upcoming tours

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▶ Motorhome:
Fiat Ducato Swift Kon-Tiki Sport 574 (2019)

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VW Club Up! (2015)

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