February 24, 2024

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Online Shop and Product Review

How I Use Layering to Create Unique, Creative Outfits

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Sources for all reference photos in this video: www.pinterest.com/lizdrayna/sources-layering-video/

Creators I Recommended:
@lilrotini (www.instagram.com/lilrotini/)
@benulus (www.instagram.com/benulus/)
@k.aila.n (www.instagram.com/k.aila.n/)

General Tips
Layering Combos
Level 1: Easy Everyday Looks
Level 2: Add a Little Spice
Level 3: Turn Heads

instagram: @beepworld (www.instagram.com/beepworld/)
tiktok: @beepworld (www.tiktok.com/@beepworld)
pinterest: www.pinterest.com/lizdrayna/_saved/

art instagram: @lizdrayna
clothing & things shop: https://liz-drayna.creator-spring.com
art print shop: https://society6.com/lizdrayna

what’s your name? Liz
how old are you? 25
where are you from? Wisconsin
where do you live currently? The DMV
how tall are you? 5’3”
business contact: lizdrayna@gmail.com

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