June 14, 2024

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How They Made Australia’s Biggest Automotive AD! (SUPERCHEAP AUTO RETIREMENT RAMPAGE BTS)

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Supercheap Auto treats us to an epic action packed ad every year to promote their “Best Performing Oil” brands. It’s always a great watch but sometimes the things you don’t see can be as interesting as the final product.
The making of an ad of this calibre has a massive crew behind it and in this episode we take you behind the scenes to see how it’s done, who does it and what each persons role in the production entails. This production is a modern blend of old school production techniques with the help of some new school drone filmography to capture the moments perfectly.


Make your buggy SUPER! https://www.supercheapauto.com.au

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Please note: We’re just a couple of Mates hanging out in the shed, There’s no big production companies, fancy cameras or Scripts, We love what we do and try our best to create quality content for you to enjoy every week. Sometimes that includes a steering rack conversion, Other times it’s as simple as bolting on some wheels to our daily drivers. Don’t forget that working on cars isn’t easy and can be dangerous. Use Ya Brain and take the necessary safety precautions whenever you’re modifying your car. Consume Lemon Squash responsibly & Thanks for watching. #BTS #BEHINDTHESCENES #STUNTS

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