July 22, 2024

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Idiots In Cars 234

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Idiots In Cars – Idiots In Cars Compilation | Idiots In Cars 234
Idiots In Cars / Idiots In Cars ~ Idiots In Cars Caught On Dash Cam

We believe this footage can be used as an educational and informational guide for viewers to analyze and evaluate situations to prevent any future incidents or mishaps! The purpose of this video is to raise awareness and learn from other’s driving mistakes. Also, only a small percentage of people that watch my videos are actually subscribed so if you end up liking this video consider subscribing it’s free and you can always change your mind. Enjoy the video.

Submit your dash cam footage / contact for removal: whtdashcam@gmail.com
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Special thanks to:
Aaron C
Ricardo R
Dylan A
Jesse S
Michael Townsend
Robby T

Psychotic Brake Checker – https://youtu.be/cN6_BZhT6R4
Dash Cam Fail | Utility Truck | Georgetown, TX – https://youtu.be/1wKocINElCM
Crashing my Subaru Cross trek on the way to school – https://youtu.be/mVcjQQeyQj0
Blind left turn accident – https://youtu.be/CYI2PV3ZWbE
Car accident – https://youtu.be/xbHKnabs_4U
Accident in Hampton Park, Melbourne, Australia – https://youtu.be/T_FAtTqtJvo
Semi Accident – https://youtu.be/FPoMWEwZKn8
Almost T-bone Accident – https://youtu.be/JBtk2g-pIEw
Near Collision with my Neighbor – https://youtu.be/uAEN0EY9LRU
Almost side swiped – https://youtu.be/fKRafAiXQ3Q
This is a pretty common bad driver – https://youtu.be/oyC2JiVsr6Y
Austin collision on MoPac – https://youtu.be/yC8vhLxW3l0
Road Rage on Hall – https://youtu.be/GCPXqxmgNYk

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