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Mixed drink

Mixed drinks are available in a multitude of sizes and shapes, and they might be either alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

An assorted drink is really a beverage by which several ingredients are mixed. Some contain liquor, other medication is non-alcoholic.


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Mixed drinks

Some popular kinds of mixed drinks are:

  • Cobbler, a beverage created using wine or sherry, citrus juice, and sugar
  • Cocktail, narrowly a combination of liquor, sugar, water, and bitters/citrus more broadly any mixed drink that contains 3 or more flavors.
  • Cooler, an assorted drink with relatively low alcohol content, frequently with fruit flavor and sweet bubbly soda
  • Crusta, a liquor and citrus drink offered inside a glass frosted with sugar
  • Cup, a combination of wine along with other ingredients, typically juice along with a bubbly beverage, much like a Wine chiller
  • Fix, a combination of liquor, citrus, and sugar
  • Fizz, a fix having a bubbly beverage added
  • Switch, an alcoholic mixed drink incorporating beaten egg, especially one created using liquor or wine, sugar, and egg, capped with powdered nutmeg and offered cold or hot. Also accustomed to describe a sailor’s drink produced from beer combined with rum or brandy, sweetened and offered hot
  • Highball narrowly a mixture of liquor and something flavor offered over ice inside a tall glass capped with soda water, more generally any mixture of two ingredients offered on ice inside a tall glass.
  • Julep, a sweet drink of liquor and aromatics, particularly mint
  • Punch
  • Pousse-café, various liqueurs arranged in colored layers
  • Shrub, an assorted drink created using vinegar-syrup
  • Sour
  • Sling, initially American, a glass or two made up of spirit and water, sweetened and flavoured &#0911&#093



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See also[edit]

  • Drink portal
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  • Cocktails, that are a number of distilled spirits coupled with drink mixers.
  • Mixed drink shooters and drink shots, that are small areas of cocktails in special glasses.
  • Beer cocktails, which combine beer having a drink mixer or distilled spirits.
  • Wine cocktails and punches, which combine wine (still or sparkling) with drink mixers.
  • Flaming beverages, that are cocktails that contains high-proof alcohol ignited just before serving.
  • Non-alcoholic mixed drinks, that are sodas that don’t contain alcohol.
  • Mixed drink supplies are utilized by bartenders to organize and serve mixed drinks.
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