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My Top 7 Anti-Aging Tips

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My Top 7 Anti-Aging Tips

Working out and eating healthy foods most of the time will go a long way towards maintaining good health long term. But if you’re interested in skin health and maintaining a youthful appearance or glow, check out my 7 tips for aging more gracefully. I hesitate to call it “anti-aging”, as aging is something inevitable, natural, and it’s a privilege! If there are two takeaways from this video, consider building and maintaining fast-twitch muscles and collagen – two characteristics of youth that diminish with age.

1. Lift Heavy and/or Move Fast.
Fast-twitch muscles are the muscle fiber type that we lose as we age. This can be prevented by lifting heavy weights, safely of course, and by doing HIIT/HILIT. Opt for exercises that you can do with confidence and have a lower risk My favorites are barbell hip thrust, leg press, dumbbell deadlifts, pull downs, rows, etc. I also love kettlebell swings, the assault bike, sled, and stairs for hitting those fast-twitch muscles. Fast-twitch muscles are larger than slow-twitch, and can give the muscles a round, “juicy” appearance.

2. Consider a Collagen Supplement.
Collagen supplements can help with increasing collagen in the body. This includes hair, skin, and nails, but also connective tissue. If you’re taking collagen, look for one that has all types, not just 1 and 3. Take collagen on an empty stomach, and think about taking a small amount of vitamin C with it to help boost the effects. Some collagen supplements already come with vitamin C. so be sure to read the label.
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3. Use Retinoid/Retinol Products on your Face – and Body.
Retinoids can boost cell turnover – something that slows down as we age. It can also help to diminish texture, even out tone, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Retinoids for the face are common, but less people tend to apply them to the body. If you want tighter and brighter skin, give it a try. Keep in mind that results can be seen after about 1-3 months of using a product, as it takes time for the skin to respond to the retinoids and for cell turnover.

4. Limit Sun Exposure and Use a Mineral Sunscreen.
A little sun exposure can help boost vitamin D and hormone levels, so don’t avoid the sun completely. But when you’re out, especially during peak hours, wear a mineral sunscreen and cover up. The sun does break down collagen, which leads to premature aging.

5. Pay Attention to Fat Intake – Omega 3s.
Our standard American diet (SAD), is high in inflammatory Omega 6 fatty acids and low in anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fatty acids. Inflammation leads to aging. So, work on getting more Omega 3 and less Omega 6. Swap out farm raised salmon for wild caught salmon, for example. Pay attention to skincare items, as well, as Omega 6 applied topically also causes inflammation.

6. Supplement with Creatine.
Creatine monohydrate is still the gold standard for building muscle. In addition, it improves glucose tolerance, decreases cognitive decline, and improves mitochondrial function. This can help with maintaining health span for a longer period of time. The standard does is 2.5g/100 lbs. Alternatively, you can dose 1-2g per day instead to allow it to accumulate in your muscles, if creatine gives you stomach issues.

7. Red Light Therapy.
The last tip is not low-cost, but I’ve found it to be effective. Red light therapy can boost collagen, reduce inflammation, and help with recovery. I have been doing red light therapy for the last 2 years off and on, and have seen great results with it. I sleep better, notice skin health improvement overall, and a reduction of fine lines around my eyes.
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