December 4, 2023

Online Shop Review

Online Shop and Product Review

Reviewing Weird MTB Products the Internet is too cool for

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Today we take a look at some random mountain bike products and give them a try. None of these reviews are particularly thorough, but we can get a rough idea of whether these items are intuitive, well designed, or useful enough to consider.

Frozen Grips – MTB Grips that you can customize with inserts that stick to your bars. These look cool as hell, but the “twist on” version didn’t work out for me. It looks like they have others that may work better.

Full Send MTB Puzzle – A high quality wooden jigsaw puzzle in the theme of mountain biking. This is truly a work of art, and is a great rainy day activity for a mountain biker.

Cricket Speaker – a Bluetooth speaker that mounts to your stem and allows for discreet listening. I hate bluetooth speakers blasting on the trails, and so it’s cool that there’s a product designed to do the opposite of “blast”.

KS ExaForm – There are different prices for different sizes. The Exa Form is a dropper post with the switch mounted right below the seat. This might be good for making quick adjustments, but definitely not on the fly. If you are only making changes a couple of times per ride, this could be good. Mine operated slowly off and on the bike, but some others have not experienced this.

Dakine Gripper – A pouch you can strap to your bike. This isn’t an original concept, but man do I love this product. I have the old one, and never leave home without it. This model has an improved strap, and is available in a ton of colors.

MTB Hang Time – An app that tracks the kinematics of your bike. This didn’t work for me, but I LOVE the concept. If more of us download this and give feedback to the developer, maybe it could help him? I’d absolutely review future iterations of this app as it improves.

GEO Derailleur Guard – A derailleur guard that you zip tie to your chainstay and bend to fit your bike. This WOULD reduce damage to your derailleur from a rock impact, and it might stop debris from getting caught in it. Your hanger will still bend. As dorky as this is, it’s probably better than the old style U shaped bar that bolts to your frame.

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