December 2, 2023

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Skin care products you don’t need | save your money

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With a new product being launched everyday, the skin are space is crowded with products you don’t need
Here are a few

❌Vitamin c powders
These are a no no. It can cause irritation if not mice’s properly and they do clump up. You don’t need such a concentrated form of vitamin c as it can cause irritation which may heal with darkening.
▪️Substitute: Use a regular 10 or 20% vitamin C serum

❌Feminine hygiene products
Mild watery vaginal discharge is normal. It is also normal for the discharge to have a slight smell it doesn’t mean there is an infection and it absolutely doesn’t mean you need special products to wash your vulva. Vaginal walls are made in a way that it is self cleaning. There is no need to clean the internal area.
▪️Substitute: The vulva can be washed with gentle soap and water, the same products used for body. You do not need anything special or specific for it.

❌Facial oils
Oils sit on the top of skin and don’t to much to your skin. If you have dry skin, a thick moisturiser is a better option than an oil
▪️Substitute: moisturiser with glycerine, Shea butter, cocoa butter, triglycerides, ceramides.

❌Physical exfoliants
No matter how fine the particles are, physical exfoliants can cause micro tears in the skin and irritate the skin. ▪️Substitute : Use glycolic or lactic acid instead for a more predictable uniform exfoliation.

❌Massaging tools
They are not harmful but a waste of money. You will not get chiseled face, high cheekbones or a sharp jawlines with these. And as for better absorption of product, massaging with fingers do the job.
▪️Substitute: massage upwards and outwards with your hands.
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