December 2, 2023

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Skincare Habits For Your 30s (I WISH I’d Started Sooner!)

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I WISH I didn’t wait until my 30s to start these skincare habits! Part of this video is kindly sponsored by LILYSILK (a brand I’m OBSESSED with), you can get an extra 12% off LILYSILK using code: 12Melanie here:


00:00 – 1:27 Intro & summary of “habits I formed in my 20s’
Covered in that video:
-importance of drinking water & minimising alcohol
-double cleansing skin … no makeup wipes!
-skincare acids & ingredients like retinol
-hydration & facial mists
-SPF EVERY DAY!!! (broad spectrum)
-mineral makeup base
-no smoking
-diet/food…low sugar, low/no lactose, healthy fats, quality protein, antioxidants…
-consistent exercise & to avoid starting and stopping routines
-stress management
-avoid touching face often/changing pillowcases etc!)
1:27 – 2:51 ‘anti-ageing’ & fillers SCARE ME lol
2:51 – 4:33 I stick to ‘oldies but goldies’ / brands I like
4:33 – 7:59 silk pillowcase & being a ‘face sleeper’
(get an extra 12% off a LILYSILK pillow case using code: 12Melanie here:
7:59 – 9:35 sleep & why having kids makes you look older lol
9:35 – 10:53 spf 50 only AND topping up through the day!
10:53 – 12:15 neglecting neck & hands … NO
12:15 – 13:31 I hardly ever wear base makeup now (skincare over foundation)
13:31 – 14:16 ROSE WATER
14:16 – 15:24 doing ‘night time’ skincare earlier in the day
15:24 – 16:23 facial massage at night with oils
(LINK to my facial massage video!
16:23 – 16:56 outro
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