July 22, 2024

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This Dietitian’s #1 Tip for Healthy Eating #shorts

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Looking to eat healthier but hate feeling restricted? Forget about cutting out your favorite foods! This tip focuses on adding enriching ingredients to your meals, making them more nutritious and satisfying. Take cereal, for example. Instead of ditching the carbs, let’s turn it into a protein-packed, fiber-rich breakfast bowl.

Here’s the magic:
Add Milk: Milk is a complete protein, keeping you fuller for longer.
Boost Fiber: Toss in fruits, crushed nuts, and seeds for fiber, blood sugar control, and gut health.
Healthy Fats: Nuts and seeds provide healthy fats that aid in satiety and vitamin absorption.
Suddenly, your cereal isn’t just carbs! It’s a delicious and balanced breakfast that fuels your body and keeps you satisfied.

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