July 22, 2024

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This new car BLEW me away!

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This is the all-new Peugeot 3008!

Mat’s got his hands on the all-electric version of Peugeot’s family-friendly SUV, and he’s about to find out if it can compete with key competitors like the Tesla Model Y and Audi Q4 e-tron!

So let’s start with a look at the design, and we have to say, it looks absolutely fantastic! Around the back you’ve got a sloping roof line, a little spoiler and some cool tail lights, and it also comes with a two-tone roof and a smart sculptured effect on the wheel arches. At the front it comes with prominent scratched lion-style DRLs, and even though this car’s electric, it comes with a super-stylish huge grille. It’s a huge improvement on the 3008s of yesteryear!

Step inside and the cool design trend continues! Up top on the dash is a huge infotainment and digital dial screen, and there’s a customisable screen in the centre of the dash where you can add shortcut buttons. The cabin is mostly filled with soft-touch materials, and the centre console even comes with some physical buttons included. All-in-all, it’s hard to fault the quality of this interior.

When it comes to performance, there’s currently a single petrol-powered car available, which is powered by a 1.2-litre engine that drives the front-wheels and provided 158hp. As for the E-3008, it comes with a single electric motor that can provide 213hp. It’s also equipped with a 72kWh battery which is good for a range of up to 327 miles.

There are a few other releases in the pipe-line, including an E-3008 with a 98kWh battery and a range of 430 miles, as well as a dual motor edition that will be able to produce 320hp. A plug-in hybrid is also due in the future, too.

When it comes to price, the petrol-powered 3008 starts from around £35,000. But if you’re in the market for an E-3008, you’re looking at a starting price of around £46,000! So is it better than the competition? You’ll need to stick with Mat and see for yourself!

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04:26 Interior
07:49 Back Seats
11:07 Boot
13:35 Annoying Features
15:15 Cool Features
17:59 Engines, Batteries & Motors
19:09 Town Driving
23:23 Motorway Driving
24:07 Country Road Driving
25:03 0-60mph
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