May 24, 2024

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THIS WILL END the Legacy Automotive Industry

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In the past year, Tesla’s faced profitability challenges for its top electric vehicles, the Model Y and Model 3. But amidst this, a pivotal moment has arrived, long-awaited by Elon Musk. Recent earnings show a drop in deliveries, blamed on supply chain hiccups and factory woes. Yet, the unveiling of a revamped Model 3 underscores Tesla’s relentless innovation. Surprisingly, costs have stayed lower despite minor increases, hinting at internal streamlining. With price cuts and the Cybertruck’s entry, Tesla’s shaking up the market. Expanding its fleet, coupled with soaring service revenues, Tesla’s leveraging its user base, mirroring legacy automakers’ strategies. It’s like an Amazon-like disruption combined with Apple’s fleet-wide monetization abilities, reshaping the industry’s future. As Tesla fine-tunes its approach, tapping into its fleet’s potential, it’s poised to redefine automotive dominance. #Tesla #ElonMusk #Fleet

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