June 14, 2024

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Vintage UK Health Product Adverts (Vol.1)

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Vintage health product adverts from British TV, hand-picked for this compilation with cleaned-up audio & video. Check out the playlists on my channel page for more vintage ad compilations: https://www.youtube.com/RetroSteveUK

Chapter Markers:
00:00 Vicks Medinite
00:16 Crest+ Tartar Control
00:48 Comtrex Cold Treatment
00:59 Ultra Brite (Gets You Laid)
01:30 TCP (Any Little Emergency)
01:52 Macleans Calcium GP
02:23 Ambre Solaire (Stay Longer)
03:09 Crest (No Fillings)
03:55 Mentadent P (Take Good Care)
04:36 Lockets (Human Again)
05:08 Halls Mentholyptus Lozenges
05:19 Listerine (Clifford The Dragon)
05:50 Lemsip Max Strength
06:00 Bupa (Not For Profit)
06:42 Quit Smoking (Come In Your Mouth)
06:53 Nytol Sleep Aid
07:15 Settlers Indigestion Tablets
07:25 Hacks (Frog In The Throat)
07:45 Gold Spot Mouth Spray
07:53 Solpadeine (Shotgun)
08:27 Settlers Tums (Sofa Lady)
08:38 Colgate Blue Minty Gel
09:19 Otrivine Nasal Spray
09:40 Plax Mouthwash
10:02 Silhouettes Plus
10:13 Colgate Total (Brushing Sounds)
10:44 Biactol (Knocks Spots Off)
11:15 Specsavers (Pat Roach)
11:26 Always Ultra (Becky Leyland)
12:07 Signal (First Aid For Teeth)
12:18 Ultra Clearasil (Pizza Face)
12:39 Slim-Fast (Give It A Week)
13:05 Silhouettes Ultra Dry
13:16 Clearasil Night Clear
13:27 Clorets (Ron & Ron Rubber Chickens)
13:38 End Card Links

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