December 2, 2023

Online Shop Review

Online Shop and Product Review

We Tested TEMU Scam Products…

2 min read

Are you sick of seeing Temu ads? Well we’re gonna take a look at what the site ACTUALLY has to offer, from cheap knockoffs to viral TikTok products. Would you buy the Temu Nintendo Switch? What about an $8 pair of AirPods “made in the same factory”? Is that cheap guitar any good? We’re gonna unbox and test everything in todays game of bootleg products.

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❯ Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:21 Fake Money
00:59 Plasma Lighter
01:45 Bladeless Fan
02:30 Squishmallow & Among Us
03:25 Nintendo Switch
05:32 Toy Gun
06:37 Night Vision Camera
07:25 Mini Dyson Vacuum
08:38 Playstation 5
11:04 Electric Toothbrush
12:04 Mini Fridge
13:14 Polaroid Camera
13:55 Lego Set
14:32 Ring Doorbell
15:33 Smart Robot
16:36 Projector
17:26 Keyboard
18:05 Guitar
19:16 iPhone
20:27 AirPods Pro
21:25 Roomba
22:28 NES Classic
23:32 Winner

This video was edited by Josiah

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