December 2, 2023

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What Your Nails Tell You About Your Health #shorts

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What Your Nails Tell You About Your Health #shorts

Dr. Janine shares what your nails tell you about your health. She explains that the longitudinal lines in your nails are a sign of low thyroid function. Dr. Janine recommends supporting your thyroid with thyroid-supporting supplements like iodine from kelp, l-tyrosine, forskholii, and ashwagandha. She also suggests checking your iron levels and if needed looking for an iron bisglycinate supplement. Follow for more natural health tips.

Links to supplements mentioned in this short.
Iodine, L-tyrosine, Forskholii, Ashwagandha – Vitatree Thyroid Support:
Iron Bisglycinate – Vitatree Iron Complex:

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