May 24, 2024

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Zendaya was the lead of the blockbuster film Challengers, centering about a pro-tennis love triangle, and as per usual, she promoted the film by dressing to impress. Zendaya and her stylist Law Roach through modern designs looked back at the history of the sport of Tennis, and also analyzed how it’s much more than a sport but a historically a lifestyle. From custom and vintage looks by Louis Vuitton to Loewe, whose designer Jonathan Anderson also did the Costume Designs for the film, to incorporating tennis associated brands like Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and On Cloud Running, there was so much to explore!

Looks in Order:
Zendaya – Custom Loewe
Zendaya – Louis Vuitton Spring 2013
Zendaya – Louis Vuitton Spring 1999
Zendaya – Custom Louis Vuitton
Zendaya – Custom Loewe
Zendaya – Custom Calvin Klein
Zendaya – Custom Thom Browne
Zendaya – Vivienne Westwood Spring 1994
Zendaya – Custom On Cloud Running
Zendaya – Ralph Lauren Spring 1992
Zendaya – Carolina Herrera
Zendaya – Ralph Lauren Spring 1992
Zendaya – Custom Jacquemus

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00:00 Introduction
00:52 1. Loewe Shadow Dress
05:22 2. Louis Vuitton Spring 2013
09:33 3. Louis Vuitton Spring 1999
11:59 4. Louis Vuitton Custom
14:15 5. Loewe Tennis Ball Heels
18:03 6. Calvin Klein Custom
19:08 7. Thom Browne Custom
21:49 8. Vivienne Westwood Cafe Society
24:10 9. On Althea Gibson
28:39 10. Ralph Lauren Spring 1992 Dress
30:59 11. Carolina Herrera
32:18 12. Ralph Lauren Spring 1992 Blazer
34:36 13. Jacquemus Custom

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