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AbDoer 360 Product Review -MoveU

Start Fixin Yo’ Sh!T –

MoveU Reviews the AbDoer 360 (Yes that is the actual name!) The best ab workout you can get is simply using your core correctly throughout your day. Sitting up straight and walking with good posture should recruit your core. Through a sedentary lifestyle, however, most of us don’t. If you notice Andrew has pretty distinguished abs but he never performs ab or core workouts because every movement he does he has learned to recruit his core whereas most of us slump in a chair and allow our core to become inactive. Products like these are just gimmicks to activate a reflex that you can do on our own. You just haven’t put in time learning and training how to do so.

These are just for fun! If you need help from us head over to MoveU and learn about the Forever Fix program. Our online program allows us to help people all over the world. Learn more, and begin improving today at

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