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Accomodation review Sharm el Sheikh | Il Mercato

Hi travellers,
Are you going to holiday in Sharm El Sheikh? You do not have to stay on the main beach. In this video I show inside the all inclusive resort I stayed in whilst in Sharm.

I opted for the all inclusive, a first for me, as the price difference was fairly minimal. 3 buffet style meals are included, along with afternoon tea snacks and all beverages available from the different bars during the day, both soft drinks and alcoholic (if you’re not Egyptian).

This resort offers access to two different beaches offsite. A shuttle is available to catch, every hour, to the reef and the beach. At the reef I did have to pay 50LE upon arrival and deck chairs are available for use. I used the towel card and bought a resort towel with me to both locations. The beach has an onsite bar, where you can have the same drinks as available freely within the resort. At the reef you have to pay. There is limited seating on the bus, so come early and walk quickly as the bus arrives at the back of the resort. It’s on a first come, first served basis and you will have to wait for the next shuttle if there are no seats.

There are 4 different pools in the resort, where you can chill and swim.

Everyday there are activities from yoga, to performances on some evenings.

One day I did travel down to the main beach and it was resort, resort, resort. There is one small patch of public beach access. Plus some expensive shopping, but there are the usual suspects of Hard Rock Cafe, Starbucks and McDonald’s. You can call an Uber, or catch a cab from the front of the hotel.

The area where the hotel is located seems quiet. Outside there are some souvenir stores, and McDonald’s. There is an onsite supermarket, however, the prices are higher. You can walk down the street and find others. For example, I bought water shoes at a nearby supermarket for less than offered at the onsite supermarket.

The old market is near the resort and I did walk one evening to check out the mosque and do a spot of shopping.

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