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Amiga 500 Mist FPGA Computer Review and Tutorial

* Best viewed in 50 Hz! You might have to create a custom resolution, but if your display uses HDMI, 50 Hz should already be selectable. *

The Amiga 500 is an awesome 16 bit home computer. In this video I will be reviewing and demonstrating the Amiga or minimig core for the Mist FPGA computer.

To setup the SD card we need the Amiga core and also version 1.3 of the kickstart ROM. You might also want to update the firmware.

Games are supported in the ADF format and loaded through the menu by pressing F12 or pressing the second button at the front of the unit.

I am using a Buffalo SNES USB gamepad, Logitech K400 wireless keyboard with touch-pad and an Asus 19″ LCD monitor.

There is lots of game-play footage at the end of the video! Some captured directly, some recorded off a CRT monitor to show the lovely scanlines.

Here is a list of all the games featured at the end of the video:

Gods (14:51)
Lemmings (15:52)
Lotus (16:39)
Stunt Car Racer (17:39)
Monkey Island (18:39)
Chaos Engine (20:00)
Pinball Dreams (21:01)
R-Type (22:00)
Sensible Soccer (23:12)
Flashback (24:12)
Apidya (25:12)
Cannon Fodder (26:12)
Lotus 2 (27:12)
Magic Pockets (28:12)
SWIV (29:12)
Lotus III (30:12)
Xenon 2 (31:12)
Alien Breed (32:12)
Shogun (33:12)
Rick Dangerous (33:58)
Defender of The Crown (34:38)
Speedball 2 (35:39)
Another World (36:31)
Rainbow Island (37:56)
Elite (38:56)
It came from The Desert (45:59)
Katakis (40:56)
James Pond 2 (41:56)
Zool (42:56)
Shadow of the beast 2 intro (43:56)
Silkworm (44:59)

Enjoy this video!

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