December 4, 2023

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Automotive Oscilloscope Study Course 3

1 min read

Automotive Oscilloscope Study Course 3 video is our third from a series on using or how to use the oscilloscope to do auto repair and diagnostics. See this compendium of our video series. Used throughout high schools and technical colleges.

Complete video 0:00
Amplitude measurements 0:23
Frequency measurement 14:45
CAM CRK sensor signal analysis 27:25
CAN sensor glitch capture 36:30
Primary and secondary signal analysis 49:39
Primary ignition crank sensor correlation 1:01:09
Primary ignition current and voltage waveform 1:12:01
Primary ignition, injector, CAM and Crank sensor correlation 1:22:46
ABS sensor glitch capture 1:33:55
TPS signal glitch and blind spot capture 1:43:26

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