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Automotive Technology Course | Reading & Analyzing Electronic Scope Waveforms

Automotive Technology Course | Reading & Analyzing Electronic Scope Waveforms

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The Oscilloscope is often times a feared and intimidating piece of equipment. However, it is definitely one of the most valuable right after your trusted scanner. With the oscilloscope you can perform “Current Rampings” and signal measurements of everything from sensors, actuators to electric motors and battery current draws. The Oscilloscope or scope will give you a picture view of all electrical waveforms, regardless of vehicle brand or year.

Here you’ll learn all the setting commonly found on automotive scopes. You’ll also learn frequency, voltage, time scales, triggering schemes, cycle times and all there is to know about automotive electrical waveforms (waves). This entire video is presented hands-on with precise live screen action during actual repair measurements. This video is one of our automotive training courses presented in a professional format, but that everyone can understand.


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