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When it comes to stylizing your capsule wardrobe, it can be difficult if you’ve chosen neutral tones. I have a lot of fun with accessories for this reason, but not just any accessories, functional accessories! Things that have a purpose, more than to just look pretty.

JORD WATCH – FULL DISCLOSURE: Before sharing this product I want to make sure to be completely transparent with my experience with Jord. While the watch itself looks nice and I appreciate the company’s efforts, here are a few important points:
– This watch was sent to me for free.
– I did have to get the watch re-sized by another jeweler, which Jord covered the cost for, which was very sweet of them.
– I have personally found (with this model at least) that the watch needs to be winded every day even with regular wear.
-The crown did not easily snap back in place even when following the company’s instructions, I had to take it to a jeweler where he readjusted the angle of it so it works better, but not great.
JORD CORA WATCH: https://www.woodwatches.com/series/cora/koa-and-rose-gold
Coupon Code: liasloft25 for $25 off

FIRMOO GLASSES: http://bit.ly/bogofirmooglasses
(Again, this company sent me glasses for free, but I love the products so much I buy them myself… I haven’t paid over $100 for glasses since!)

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