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Dekko Silverfish Paks: Product Review CLICK HERE to get Dekko Silverfish Paks today!

In this video, we will review the Dekko Silverfish Paks. We’ll go over how it works, how to use, where and when to apply, drawbacks and the different considerations before choosing this product.

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Dekko Silverfish Paks are a boric acid insecticide. This product is is an effective and economical way to control silverfish in your home. Dekko silverfish Paks were designed to be appealing to silverfish, as the packs have a corrugated inside that is an ideal place for silverfish to hide and feed.

While Dekko Silverfish Paks are an effective way of eliminating silverfish from your home, it only kills the insects when they consume the boric acid inside. This means that it can take time to completely control an active infestation, as the packs do not have an attractant so it’s effectiveness depends on its placement.

Each pack of Dekko is pre-treated and ready to apply, so there is no mixing necessary.

Do not open or crush the packets, as the product is mixed into a glue like substance and applied to the contours inside of the pack. The silverfish will hide inside the pack and consume the product.

You can place 2-3 Dekko packs anywhere that you have seen silverfish activity. 2-3 packs will cover around 100 square feet, or any enclosed space such as a pantry or cabinet. Silverfish prefer dark, damp places like bathroom cabinets, pantries, dressers, and in attics. Use Dekko in conjunction with an adulticide to kill the adults quickly and stop them from reproducing.

Learn more about Dekko Silverfish Paks and how to use this insect growth regulator on our website!

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