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Devil Forge Metal Melting Furnace Product Review

Devil Forge Metal Melting Furnace Product Review

The Devil Forge Propane Metal Melting Furnace Product Review and Setup.

In this video we unbox the forge, assemble components of the forge and then melt brass to do a test sand casting. We can use this product to melt and cast a variety of metal including brass, aluminum, and lead. Ideal for a variety of DIY and craft related projects.

This forge is small enough to be portable and yet still powerful enough to melt metal quickly and efficiently. It has been designed for professionals. Includes Choke – with a single thumb screw for quick choke position adjustments. The interior of the forge is fully lined with 2 inch of ceramic blanket. The floor of the forge is made of ceramic brick, providing superior strength and durability.

For additional information on the Devil Forge Metal Melting Furnance: www.Devil-Forge.com

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