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Fashion accessories augmented reality | virtual mirror

Try it yourself!

Boutique Accessories is proud to be the first online store in Australia to launch an augmented reality application to create a virtual mirror. This enables customers to “try on” accessories while browsing the website.

Unlike previous technologies, the Boutique Accessories’ virtual mirror does not need customers to print out markers to hold in front of the webcam in order to activate the application. The virtual mirror automatically detects a webcam, so that customers can “try on” earrings, necklaces and bracelets immediately, take screen shots and post these on Facebook or email to friends.

Boutique Accessories, recognising the need to build customer confidence in online shopping, developed a virtual mirror that would integrate with their ecommerce system as well as Facebook. This allows a seamless integration between social shopping, interacting with products and instant purchasing.

Breaking the boundaries between virtual and real shopping is important for consumer confidence online. Developments utilising augmented reality will further accelerate this trend.

Allowing customers to try on jewellery to see if it suits their body and style is a big step away from catalogue-shopping, and closer to a real shopping experience, “If more retailers realised the potential benefits of integrating conventinal and online shopping, we would not only have happier customers but a more capable infrastructure for all retailers to utilise the online channel.”

See who created the app.

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