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Harbor Freight Computer Safe Automotive Logic Probe Review Cen-Tech – Item#98709

This is a tool review for a Harbor Freight Computer Safe Automotive Logic Probe or AKA Test Light. Cen-Tech – Item#98709

Here is a link to the tool:

Summary of Review: The tool comes in typical packaging for Harbor Freight. The probe is sharp which helps when piercing insulation in a wire for testing. The handle is small and contains the circuit board and LED’s. This tool allows for quick determination of power and ground without having to swap the connections on the cord each time. The cord is good quality and will reach 10 ft. The LED’s are not bright when used, but this is a product of the limited current flow (7 milliamps). This is why this is considered computer safe.It is rated for 6/12/24 volts DC. (4 out of 5 Stars)

I will be adding additional videos discussing how to use a test light, so stay tuned!

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