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How Much Does Automotive Paint Cost?

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If you’re brand new to this and you’re wondering how much it cost to buy professional automotive paints, I will go over that with you. I will also show you some of the paints I got.

I spent about $300 today. I got a whole bunch of stuff. I want to show you and share with you the average shopping experience when buying things at a local paint supply house.

I will go over a couple of paint brands and how much I spent on each. I’ll also open them and show you what colors I got.

First, we have the Omni series…

This is the cheapest paints they have. If you’re in the U.S., it shouldn’t be a problem finding this brand.

With the Omni Plus, you’re supposed to be getting a better coverage. You spend a bit more, about $10-15 more per pint.

Then there’s the Deltron (DBC-Deltron Base Coat) which is basically the top of the line for base coats. For some colors, you can only get them from Deltron. That’s why I ended up getting a color in Deltron because I couldn’t find it in Omni Plus.

I also bought a medium Omni reducer that I’ll use to reduce all the paints with at 50/50 or 1:1 ratio.

So that means if I have a quart of basecoat, it will end up being half a gallon. If I have a pint of base, after it’s completely mixed…it will be a quart of sprayable materials.

They also gave me some extra silver base that’s not yet mixed and threw in a bunch of paint stirrers, cups and strainers for free!

Plus I got a gallon of wax and grease remover because I needed it…so that’s $300 total.

Looking at the invoice, the Deltron Base Coat cost $142 per quart. I got the 2012 Camaro Green color. I really wanted to get this color because I’ll use it for the Yamaha YSR 50 bike that I’m painting. It’s a very nice, deep color. And yes, it is expensive. 🙂 Like I said, it’s top of the line stuff.

Now, let me explain to you guys…this is professional automotive paint. No matter if it’s the expensive stuff or the cheaper brands. It’s unlike Krylon or Rust-Oleum or any of the other cheap spray paints that you see out there.

With these paints, you can basically paint anything you want, any kind of plastics or metals as long as they’re prepped correctly with the correct kind of primers.

Don’t worry because I break everything down for you step by step within the VIP course here if you decide to learn more about it.

For the Omni Plus, I bought the Silver base for $28 for the pint. That will make a quart of sprayable material which is plenty to paint the whole motorcycle (By the way, I chose these colors not to use on a car but on another project that I’m working on. I thought that the silver and green would look cool together).

I paid another $26 for each of the 2 other regular Omni cans. I picked a nice Sun Burst Yellow and Adrenaline Red. The yellow has a little bit of flake in it, some micro sequins pearl.

So that’s the purpose of this video. I just wanted to talk to you about automotive base coat paint cost. Yes, they can get expensive and prices have been increasing but then again, this is professional stuff.

– Tony

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How Much Does Automotive Paint Cost?
How Much Does Automotive Paint Cost?
How Much Does Automotive Paint Cost?
How Much Does Automotive Paint Cost?
How Much Does Automotive Paint Cost?

How Much Does Automotive Paint Cost?

How Much Does Automotive Paint Cost?

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