July 22, 2024

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Online Shop and Product Review

How To Swap In Non-Toxic Products For Better Health Ft. Bethany McDaniel, Founder Of Primarily Pure

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Today, we’re joined by Bethany McDaniel. Bethany is the Founder of Primally Pure. Having used all sorts of harsh prescription creams and pills to treat her acne as a teenager and young adult, she was blown away by the effects she eventually experienced after ditching the harsh chemicals and replacing them with simple, natural ingredients. Primally Pure has harnessed the power of natural ingredients in their complete line of non-toxic beauty products. Today, she joins us for a conversation about non-toxic products, nourishing your nervous system, and how to take baby steps towards a non-toxic life.

✨ Chapters:
[00:00] The Origin of the Business and Personal Journey
[07:24] Harmful Ingredients in Personal Care Products
[11:43] Fragrance and Natural Scents
[16:23] Acne Treatment and Harmful Chemicals in Skincare Products
[19:11] Non-Toxic Swaps for Personal Care Products
[22:32] Non-Toxic Meat and Raw Milk
[24:38] Benefits of Raw Milk
[25:21] Raw Milk Benefits and Maintaining Flexibility in Diets
[28:27] Healthy Habits for Parents and Non-Toxic Products for Kids
[32:18] Toxic Ingredients in Candles and the Effects of Scented Products
[35:50] In-house Production and Freshness of Products
[38:36] Business Growth and Marketing Channels
[40:27] Skincare Rituals and Favorite Products

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