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London Studio Apartment Tour! | GradPad Studios, London | Atousa

so my lovelies, today’s video is going to be a tour of my studio apartment in London. As many of you know, i moved to London in September to study a masters course at king’s college London, and I chose to live at GradPad studios!
So in the video I talk a bit about GradPad accommodations it self, what they are, who they are for, how much they cost, and also show you around! I decided to make this tour video (firstly for the fun of it!) but also to help other people make the decision of whether they want to live in these studios or not!
Either way I hope you enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions!


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I know I promised a london studio apartment tour A LONG time ago, but here it is at last! better late than never right? … enjoy! xo


vegan kitchen tour video:

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