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Mclaren sports cars production – Automotive Factory (2018)

2018 Mclaren sports cars production – Automotive Factory
McLaren’s Production Center
McLaren cars are built at its special production facility, the McLaren Technology Center in Woking, Surrey, England. The production center for McLaren vehicles speaks to the cars’ “bespoke” nature; Alan Foster, the Operations Director of McLaren Automotive, says that “there are no conveyors or robots.” McLaren vehicles are built with heavy personal involvement on the part of technicians and builders who fully inspect over 450 points on each McLaren vehicle that emerges from the ultra-modern production facility. The over 1,000 McLaren auto workers are experts in their field with high-level skills and experience in the technology that produces the high-performance vehicles. Every car McLaren produces goes through a road test simulator and the “Monsoon,” a special water chamber that releases over 1,200 liters of recycled water on the car.
The Engineers
Many McLaren Automotive engineers come from McLaren’s Racing group, bringing with them the methodology and precision developed through the company’s many years at the top of motorsports accomplishment. The company encourages its businesses to intersect, as engineers and designers from all areas of McLaren’s innovative work share visions for achieving the best in automotive excellence and performance. McLaren recruits and develops some of the most proficient and promising young engineers in the United Kingdom, bringing new ideas and visions on a constant basis into an environment that produces true excellence in its automotive production.

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